Thursday, 19 February 2009

Farewell photos

Updated 20/02/09
A large gathering of Toronto Sun colleagues said their goodbyes to buyout recipients and layoff casualties last week. Here are a few photos to mark the departure of more key people from the shrinking tabloid:

(The photos were taken by Maryanna Lewyckyj, one of the many 2007 Toronto Sun casualties.)

(1) Buyout: Bob McConachie, whose passions in life are newspapers and pool, holds his front page sendoff.

(2) Buyout: Kaarina Leinala, with Bob and Mike Burke-Gaffney, the Sun's managing editor.

(3) Layoff: Calvin Reynolds, leaves with a smile and best wishes from Rob Lamberti, union rep.

(4) Layoff: Debbie Holloway, photographer, with Rob.

(5) Buyout: Sarah Green, reporter, with Rob.

(6) Layoff: Amy Chung, reporter, with Rob.

(7) Layoff: Jason Buckland, reporter, with Rob.

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