Monday, 16 February 2009

Re Rob Paynter

A lot of quality newspaper people have been purged from Sun Media in the past decade, including Rob Paynter.

But like many of the dedicated vets who have suddenly found themselves on the outside looking in, Rob didn't waste time moping. He got on with his life.

To know the Sun's Rob was to know an affable, talented editor. He was hired by the Toronto Sun in 1983, transferred to the new Ottawa Sun in 1988 as founding managing editor and in 1997 became editor-in-chief of the London Free Press.

The circulation and profits of the Free Press were on the rise and the paper would earn two National Newspaper Awards under his watch.

Definitely a keeper, but along came Quebecor in 1999 and in 2001, a pink slip for Rob after 18 loyal and productive years with Sun Media.

Rob quickly launched his own media company, MMI, and was called on to redesign about 20 Ontario newspapers, including quite a few Osprey Media titles, years before the 2007 takeover by Quebecor.

The veteran newsman also advised various MMI clients on marketing and communications.

A couple of months ago, the City of London hired him full time as manager of corporate communications and, says Rob, he's "loving every minute."

Rob's work ethics and positive attitude strongly resemble that of a cousin, Gord Paynter, a blind comic we met at a Doug Creighton office launch early in 1993 after his ouster from the Toronto Sun.

Gord, a diabetic, lost his eyesight in his early twenties, and has since become a stand-up comic and motivational speaker. Trust us, he is one funny guy.

As Paynters go, Rob and Gord have done the family name proud.

All the best in your new job, Rob. We're sure former colleagues from the good old days in Toronto, Ottawa and London also wish you well.

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