Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Brioux & Dunlops

Former Toronto Sun TV writer Bill Brioux echoes the sentiments of numerous Sun Media employees who have attended Dunlop Awards ceremonies:

"I had the great good fortune to attend three Dunlops, three years in a row. It was a wonderful honour, and just a rush to be in the same room with other journalists from across Canada who were also being recognized for good work.

"I always appreciated the opportunity to get up and thank the talented editors and layout people who, just as part of their jobs, made me look good. It was a kind of professional camaraderie I have never experienced anywhere else.

"It would seem that, more than ever, Quebecor would want to engender that spirit and build up that esteem. I hope they reconsider this move. It is one of the most cost-efficient investments they could ever make.

"The last Dunlops I was at, I stopped sort of telling this joke: I hoped the smaller Sun Media papers competing for the “under 50,000 circulation” awards wouldn’t be too upset next year when the Toronto Sun slid into that category.

"It seemed funny at the time."

Thanks for your posted comment, Bill.

There is a brass-framed 1988 Honorable Mention Dunlop hanging on the wall to the right of this blogger's computer that has not lost its shine in 20 years.

Co-shared by reporter John Schmied, the award is signed by Arnold Agnew, J. Douglas MacFarlane and Joan Sutton Straus.

The banquet was memorable for its camaraderie and its black tie touch of class.

The Dunlops have been an annual tradition since 1984. They are a small price to pay for keeping the competitive spirit of reporters, photographers and editors afloat in these dire times.

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