Tuesday, 24 February 2009

All things Net

Sun Media employees who took advantage of free home delivery have been told that little bonus has been axed.

Instead, employees will be given free access to the e-edition of their newspaper.

"We got an e-mail yesterday," says a TSF tipster at one of the former Osprey Media newspapers. "Sun Media has axed free home delivered newspapers for employees. We will get free e-editions instead."

(Free home delivery for employees is news to TSF. Was that strictly an Osprey Media perk?)

Those new Sun Media e-editions need every visitor they can get, paid or on the house.

Quebecor's Internet tunnel vision suggests every Sun Media employee and every reader owns a computer, which isn't the case.


  1. Which Sun Media employees got free home delivery and where?

    I worked for one of the Sun dailies for a decade, and everyone in the newsroom paid full price for home delivery (at least, the few who bothered to subscribe to their own newspaper).

    I was told that my "free" employee paper was the one I took from the spoils in the newsroom.

  2. It must be an Osprey thing.
    The e-mail, of course, was a Sun Media chainwide e-mail.

  3. At my unnamed Sun, when we asked for complimentary home delivery for newsroom staffers, we were told there are plenty of free copies in the newsroom. Back to rowing your slave ship and don't worry about reading!