Thursday, 12 February 2009

Chicago jazz

In the old days, leaving the Toronto Sun wasn't always permanent. Some newsroom staffers left and returned several times over the years. Not so much these days.

The house got emptier this week with Sun colleagues bidding farewell to buyout recipients and Black Tuesday layoff casualties whose eight week notices expire Monday.

Job losses are nothing to laugh at and the same goes for the revamped Sun comics page. Cost cutting to the extreme - squeezing the last life out of the funnies page, leaving readers with the largest collection of humorless comic strips in North America.

Outraged readers are having their say and Mike Strobel got in his licks in Wednesday's column.

We gave up on Sun comics when the daffy comics editor booted Frank and Ernest.

There's no joy left in Hooterville and we're not talking about the downsized, boxed-in SUNshine Girls.

We're more enthused about two Chicago Sun-Times exports to the Toronto Star: Michael Cooke, 56, as editor, and John Cruickshank, recently appointed publisher.

When the going gets tough, the Star and Globe and Mail always dig in and strive to meet the challenges of the day.

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