Tuesday, 17 February 2009

New 3-in-1 paper

Updated 18/02/09
Three former Osprey Media community newspapers in Port Hope, Cobourg and Colborne, with histories dating back to the 1800s, have been merged into one newspaper.

No more Cobourg Daily Star, founded as a weekly in 1831; Port Hope Evening Guide, founded in 1878 and Colborne Chronicle, founded in 1959 from the ashes of the Colborne Express, 1866, and the Colborne Enterprise, 1886.

Sun Media's new three-in-one print and online newspaper is Northumberland Today.The print edition is $1.25, up a quarter from the $1 Cobourg and Port Hope readers were paying for their papers.

No word yet on how many, if any, jobs have been lost in the merging of the three newspapers, but longtime readers are lamenting the demise of hometown focus and titles. And the price of the new paper.

"They told us about the merger, but not about paying $1.25," one Cobourg reader said after picking up a copy of the first 16-page edition of Northumberland Today.

Pete Fisher kick-started the new paper with two stories and a crash photo on Page 1.

Meanwhile, a source at the Peterborough Examiner, another former Osprey paper, says all composing room workers at that daily were laid off today.

"Employees working in the composing dept. at the Peterborough Examiner were laid off today," says the source. "The work is being outsourced to the Barrie Examiner, which is a non-union environment."

Quebecor bought the Osprey chain in the summer of 2007. The slicing/dicing continues.


  1. I worked at the Port Hope Evening Guide for three years from 2002 to 2005. It was an essential part of the heartbeat of that town and had been the paper of record for more than 100 years. I believe it was Canada's oldest daily newspaper.
    Little by little Osprey was clawing back its PH connections, though, even when I was there. First reporters were moved to Cobourg and the PH office was shrunk to just a circulation desk, then that was closed, then Port Hope reporters were laid off...
    So this sholdn't come as a surprise, but it's still a tough blow.

  2. "I believe it was Canada's oldest daily newspaper."

    Not even close. :)

    There are several dailies that are much older.

  3. As of today, the newsstand price is still $1.00 while Friday's is $1.25

    The price comment ("They told us about the merger, but not about paying $1.25,") confuses me because the first issue was a Tuesday one and that price is $1.00

    Can you enlighten us, please.

  4. The front page price for that first Tuesday edition was $1.25. It was changed to $1 the next day.