Thursday, 5 February 2009

Drawing Obama

Thomas “Tab” Boldt
, Sun Media's recently departed freelance cartoonist, is making the blog circles south of the border for drawing President Barack Obama with blue lips.

The Moderate Voice, in a lengthy guest posting today by Daryl Cagle, says Boldt is not alone among Canadian cartoonists to show Obama with blue lips.

Says Cagle:

"Some cartoonists have drawn attention for giving Obama blue lips. Canadian cartoonist Patrick Corrigan of the Toronto Star had an Obama cartoon killed by his editor because of “racist” blue lips. Thomas “Tab” Boldt of the Calgary Sun and Cam Cardow of the Ottawa Citizen have also been rendering Obama with blue lips.

"Corrigan tells me that everyone in Canada, in the winter, has blue lips. "Readers of my blog explained to me that blue lips are racist and pointed out an old racist expression “blue gums,” which was a new one for me. Corrigan tells me he’ll be switching to purple lips, Cam will be giving up on the blue lips and Tab was laid off. That may mean the end of blue lips for Obama."

The Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists says "the chattering classes of cartoondom have been raising the issue in cyberspace over this odd phenomena."

And the Mother Jones blog has three of the controversial Canadian cartoons as Honorable Mentions: International Division for the "Worst Obama Editorial Cartoons" and notes "as drawn by three confused Canadian cartoonists."

Sun cartoonist vet Andy Donato isn't confused or involved in the controversy. He has Obama's image down to a T.

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