Monday, 23 February 2009

E-mail bag

Brian Smith of Richmond Hill writes:

"I was wondering if you were aware that the complete lineup of the comics in the Sunday Sun has been changed. For two weeks, I have received these new comics, which are so very unfunny, a definite lowering of the standards.

"I have emailed twice to ask why without response so far. Next time I call.

"Just wondering if you knew about this."

Yep, they've messed with the comics again - and that ain't funny.


  1. If you look closely at all the new comics, you'll notice they're all from Creators Syndicate. Most of the more popular comics are represented by other syndicates, like King Features.

    No doubt Sun Media is paying this company a lot less per comic then what they were paying for Garfield, etc.

  2. Mike Strobel wrote about the changes on the comics page - sort of - on Feb. 11 (ironically the day after all of the latest layoff casualties were sent off... his column was a "farewell" to Buckles the cartoon dog, but perhaps there was another message?).
    He didn't give a reason for the change, but it would seem likely that Qcor has gone with one set of comics for the entire chain, to be laid out in one place just as all other "national" pages are.
    Sadly, the new lineup (which is no doubt cheaper) eliminated just about every comic worth reading.
    And it's unlikely the voice of the readers will force a change, as it did with Buckles and Strobel in 2000.

    His Feb. 11 column:

  3. Interestingly, the better comics - For Better or Worse, Adam@home etc, are available on-line through the Canoe/Sun websites.
    While I'm loathe to give credit to Quebecor for anything, strategically there is merit to this approach.

  4. Pound wise, penny foolish. Again. This is a recording.....

    I guess they didn't get the picture when I canceled my weekday delivery. I thought since I sometimes don't go out early on weekends, I'd keep that delivery.

    Now, not so much. Once the best sports section in town, now it is thin and badly written. Even some of the late games don't make it in, where once they did.

    No TV guide (not a great loss). I'm not interested in cars, homes or travel (all puff pieces or bought advertorials anyway).

    That leaves a few columns worth reading, and so little local news that I get more from local gossip.

    The comics are pretty much the last straw.

    As you mention, what the heck sort of business plan means getting rid of everything I used to read? THAT is supposed to get me to continue buying?

  5. Doesn't make any sense to this comics reader either. Business sense, artistic sense, take your pick.

    Hello? Anyone want to start up another newspaper and pick up the strips these papers dropped?