Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Free delivery

In the 1950s, this blogster's Toronto Star paper route included a stop at a mansion on a hill in Toronto's Dupont and Davenport district.

Glen Edyth Drive/Place, a dead-end street, was a bugger to walk and impossible to ride up at any time of the year.

There were two deliveries on the small and secluded street lined with mansions, including the home of a Star VIP, a paying customer. Might have been the man himself, Beland Honderich.

Can't remember if he was a big tipper, but the isolated hilltop row of mansions and a Star VIP who paid for his daily paper always stuck with this paperboy.

While at the Toronto Sun for 19 years, there were no weekday deliveries and it never occurred to me to ask for free Sunday Sun delivery, probably because it came off the presses during my Saturday night shifts at 333.

So a TSF tipster's note that Sun Media was cancelling free home delivery for employees in favour of free online e-edition access was news to us.

Feedback to date suggests some Sun VIPs and most employees of the former Osprey Media newspapers were offered free home delivery - seven days a week.

A former Toronto Sun staffer sent us this enlightening e-mail:

"When I was a senior manager at the Toronto Sun, I received free delivery of the paper to my door every day. It was arranged by Marilyn Figueroa (the editor-in-chief's EA) through the circulation department.

"It was dropped off by the guy who filled the nearest Sun box. As far as I know, all senior managers were entitled to this perk.

"I know for sure other managers who lived in the city got the same deal. Pat Grier, John Kryk, Linda W. and Lorrie G. Not sure about those who lived outside of the city limits, like Gord Walsh.

"Just so's you know.

"By cutting that perk, I expect Quebecor saved, uh, nothing.


Thank you for your e-mail.

It is another little perk trimmed from flat-lining benefits of Sun Media employees.

Still, can't help but think of the Star VIP in his mansion on the hill paying a paperboy for Star deliveries to his door rather than making arrangements for free papers.

We applaud his ethics and his early lesson in how the other half lived.


  1. Just a small note from the Edm burbs....the big Sun daily here makes everyone pay for a sub (even sister papers)...and just to show there was a visit here last week from PKP himself - the daily will double its newsstand price for the Mon-Thrs editions to a buck (plus tax) as of March 1 (used to be 50 cents and $1 for Fri-Sun.
    If you buy it from the bins on the corner, it'll only be a loonie.
    Seems to me the Journal is having similar troubles, but didn't seem fit to raise their price - at all.

  2. Just for the record, I never took the special free home delivery for bosses (I distinctly remember that the day after I called to say I didn't want it, I received TWO papers). I lived close to the office and got the paper when I came in - and I already had a paid weekend subscription (with a 50% employee discount). Saved them a few pennies, maybe?