Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Dunf is back

Gary Dunford is blogging again from the wilds at Dunf In Space.

He's talking dogs, the wind and other dunfisms that Toronto Sun readers used to crave daily on Page 6 during the glory days of the tabloid.

Gary cleaned out his Sun office in the summer of 2005 after 32 years and more than 7,000 columns.

One of the first postings on his blog was his final column in the Toronto Sun, which is the most visited link on TSF.

In fact, TSF readers e-mailed to ask if Dunf was okay as he had not posted since August of 2007. There were sporadic Dunf sightings and reports that all was good with Mr. Page 6.

Gary's new photo on his blog is a picture of a news vet who seems quite content to be away from the confines of the shrinking Sun newsroom.

Welcome back to blogdom, Gary.

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