Thursday, 19 February 2009

Woodstock blues

Pat Logan, publisher of the Woodstock Sentinel Review, was "let go" yesterday, loading up the boat for interim publisher Mike Walsh, a source says.

Walsh is already publisher of Sun Media's Simcoe Reformer, Tillsonburg News and Brantford Expositor.

The source says Kim Whitehead, the Sentinel-Review's ad manager, was lost on Black Tuesday, so management is slim.

Do you get the feeling another 3-for-1, or 4-for-1 newspaper - as in this week's 3-for-1 Northumberland Today - is in the works?

Slicing and dicing, slicing and dicing . . .


  1. You neglected to mention that Woodstock lost its managing editor late last year, or early in January to Brantford, as Walsh snagged John Chambers to head that paper's editorial department. So now Woodstock has no publisher,
    no ad manager and no ME. And there's still a hiring freeze in place.

  2. true to form Walsh will be the last man standing wherever he goes!

  3. I picked up a copy of the Sentinel-Review on my way through Woodstock, heading for London, last Thursday. It shocked me to see how little local news was in that day's edition. I'm up for comparisons because I can remember the S-R from my tenure there when it had a publisher (me), managing editor, city editor (as well as other news staff)and an advertising manager ( as well as other ad-selling staff). I was there between 1991 and 1994. I had not looked at the S-R in quite a long time and it was a surprise that it has had considerable content shrinkage.
    - George Czerny in Craigleith, Ontario.