Sunday, 1 February 2009

Ted & Parnaby

Ted Woloshyn devoted an entire Saturday Sun column to Tayler Parnaby's forced exit from CFRB.

No doubt Ted wrote from the heart, but what a slap in the face for numerous Toronto Sun vets who have been laid off, fired or have taken buyouts without a word of thanks in print.

Where were the full columns and the "thanks" for John Downing, a Day Oner and former editor, or business vet Linda Leatherdale, or Lifestyle's Valerie Gibson, or the recent buyout vets? (One paragraph and a photo for Lew Fournier doesn't cut it.)

Or how about a story or tribute column for Garf Webb, a Toronto Sun production legend who died Jan. 23 at age 61 after giving the best years of his life to the rising tabloid?

The difference between pre-Quebecor Sun and today's Sun is heart and a sincere appreciation of contributions made by longtime loyal employees.

Today's senior Toronto Sun editors, who have been on the job long enough to know better, are being disrespectful to departing Sun news vets with their deafening silence.

As for being outspoken journalists and communicators, they are failing the grade big time.

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