Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Almost CP free

The Toronto Sun was almost CP/AP free on Wednesday.

One CP sports story on Page S5 - Koe's perfect run halted - upset Sun Media's trial run this week in the countdown to a full CP/AP wire services withdrawal in three months.

Will the lone CP story cost the sports guys some of those demeaning points being awarded for content production?

Meanwhile, the Daily Dish line of least resistance continued today with five-for-five WENN celeb stories.


  1. It was agreed upon since there was no other source for the worlds that the sports guys could use CP for curling.

  2. So what do they do then there is a world curling story (or some other sport) with Candians involved and no access to CP? Steal it from CP off the web?

  3. Just rip it off and label it QMI Agency with no byline...they've been doing it already for months.