Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sharon Lem award

Sharon Lem, a veteran Toronto Sun reporter, has been recognized by the Canadian Association of University Teachers for a 2009 feature on the high cost of education.

She is the latest recipient of CAUT's Excellence in Education Journalism Award in the professional media category and we can't think of a more deserving, dedicated Sun reporter.

The heading for her Aug. 24 feature story was: "High cost of higher education: Lack of summer jobs, rise in already lofty tuition fees forcing university students to sink deeper into debt."

CAUT says submissions were judged "on the basis of relevance, originality, quality of investigation and research, potential impact on policy makers, and the fulfilment of professional standards of journalism."

Lem has been invited to Ottawa for presentation of the $1,000 award at a CAUT council meeting, followed by a dinner in the Cafe du Musee at the Museum of Civilization.

And CAUT will cover her travel and accommodation costs.

Lem is in excellent company.

The journalism award has been presented since 2002. Previous winners include reporters at the Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail, MacLean's, Winnipeg Free Press and Prairie Dog Magazine.

Congrats, Sharon.

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  1. Sharon is very deserving of this award. Not only is she highly knowledgeable education reporter, she has to fight physical limitations imposed by severe injuries she suffered doing a travel story many years ago. She is still suffering mightily, but still manages to grit her teeth and soldier on.
    She is the very epitome of perseverance and class.
    Congratulations, Sharon.