Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sun goes 3D

The Sun will publish a 3D newspaper on June 5, with readers receiving 3D glasses with their papers.

But alas, it is the London Sun across the pond that will experiment with 3D, adding a new dimension to the tabloid's Page 3 version of the SUNshine Girl, a World Cup wall chart, selected ads and other content, says Roy Greenslade, a Guardian blogger.

There is more about the 3D edition at MediaWeek.

A novel approach to print media competition.

Are Quebecor's megabucks printing facilities in Toronto and Montreal capable of producing 3D content?


  1. Before moving to Wide Web in Islington we printed at least two or three editions per week on our presses that looked like 3D. Islington's registration is dead on so I doubt you'll convince them to do otherwise. A fun thought though!

  2. Islington's registration is far from dead on.
    Our old press room used to be the scapegoat for any production issues - Islington and the new "state of the art presses" were touted as a long-overdue saviour.
    But I've seen several issues of the Peterborough Examiner in the last month that were worse than those produced by the old press. 3D glasses might actually have helped...