Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Freep obits

The London Free Press apologized today for an off-site computer malfunction that screwed up Tuesday's obits.

"We screwed up the obituaries in Tuesday’s editions due to an off-site computer malfunction. Each was printed in a different — and mostly unreadable — font. They’re back to normal today."

Speaking of screw-ups, the colour in numerous news, sports, Daily Dish photos and ads in our Toronto Sun on Tuesday made us wonder if it was an experiment in 3D print media. Jim Slotek was writing about 3D in Showbiz, so we thought it might be 3D journalism.

It wasn't.

Quebecor keeps flogging its $200 million "state-of-the-art printing plants" in Toronto and Montreal, but the former 333 pressroom crew working with Goss presses would never have green lighted a press run with the amateurish look of Tuesday's paper.

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