Friday, 23 April 2010

OttSun -20

TSF tipsters say the Ottawa Sun was hit hard by layoffs yesterday, losing 20 employees.

"The Ottawa Sun lost 20 people, most of the production department," says one tipster.

Just how thin can the payroll list get at the Ottawa Sun, launched with great joy by Toronto Sun Publishing Corp. on Nov. 7, 1988?

If any of the Ottawa casualties want to vent, post your comments or e-mail TSF.


  1. Ottawa won't be alone. Look for cuts all over. Cutting staff worked so well a year ago, no paper is making enough, so they have to cut again. Sounds like the definition of insanity to me

  2. Also heard that Naete Sager was let go. Can you confirm if he was laid off or fired?

  3. Despite bringing in an additional million dollars in advertising revenue and being successful as a production hub (albeit smaller one), we were told it is "just business and nothing personal". Certainly, morale has been cut deeply for the few that remain as it is no longer a happy place to work at.