Friday, 23 April 2010

Niagara pub out

Niagara Falls Review publisher Dave Martineau is quitting newspapers after two decades in the biz on both sides of the border, TSF tipsters say.

Martineau is going into the service station biz, says one tipster.

The Peterborough Examiner and Lindsay Post recently lost their dual publisher, Darren Murphy, to the real estate business.

It is a sad commentary on Sun Media affairs when top execs are fleeing to non-media jobs.

Online profiles indicate Martineau will be a loss to the Review and media in general.

One profile reads: Dave has been in the newspaper business for 21 years including three years consulting across North America working at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post among many others.

His Ontario media credentials include director of advertising at the St. Catharines Standard and publisher of the Orillia Packet Times.

Our tipsters didn't say if Martineau's new line of work will keep him in the Niagara Falls area, where he has been very active in community groups, including Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, United Way, the Niagara Health System etc.


  1. Does anyone know if PKP can swim? That ship's hole isn't getting any smaller... sinking fast!

    He probably thinks he can hire more crew in India to stop the leaking.

  2. FYI for all Niagara and other journalists being hacked by Sun Media, Niagara College is hiring for the position of journalism professor. Although I suspect many won't be able to speak highly of the career and potential jobs ... it is posted on workpolis. Happy hunting!

  3. Well if applying to Niagara College, be sure to have a university degree. The Welland Tribune's former managing editor became a journalism instructor there a few years ago, but isn't being given the full-time job that has been posted because he doesn't have a university degree. Thirty years of experience in newspapers and a college journalism diploma plus a few years teaching there was not good enough for Niagara College, he has to compete with other applicants.

  4. Kathy Taylor publisher of the Pincher Creek Echo/Crowsnest Pass Promoter has also resigned after 17 years with Bowes/Sun Media/Quebecor. Taylor is moving to the Southern Alberta Newspaper Group.

  5. Wow... now all these publishers leaving in the same week or two? Coincidence?

    HELL NO.