Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Day 2: CP free

The Toronto Sun was CP - and AP - free Tuesday.

Nothing but QMI, Toronto Sun and Reuters stories and photos throughout the 88-page paper.

A TSF tipster said the one-week preview of a CP-free Sun Media would begin Monday, but the intent might have been for editors to begin working the ban Monday for Tuesday's editions.

While Canadian Press credits were not found in Tuesday's paper, the Sun milked CP's exclusive Graham James pardon scoop with news followups and a Steve Simmons column.

The full CP/AP pullout begins in three months.

It won't be the first time Sun readers will be deprived of CP content.

Toronto Sun Publishing Corp. dropped CP in 1978 when it launched United Press Canada, a news agency for the Suns of the day in Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton. It was 80% owned by the Sun and 20% by United Press International.

That money-losing experiment lasted seven years. UPC was bought out by CP, its only Canadian competitor, and ceased to be on Jan. 31, 1985.

UPC staff included the cream of the Sun crop and it was a labour of love for all involved, but the plug was pulled because it was never profitable.

QMI, in its infancy, has some big shoes to fill in dropping CP and AP.

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