Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Toronto Sun Daily Dish celeb stories have generally been a mix of wire and staff offerings.

In a paper last week, all celebrity items were from the Associated Press. Yesterday, it was all WENN. Five for five.

In case you missed it (we did), WENN is wenn.com, a World Entertainment News Network celebrity blog. Canoe is listed as one of "WENN's Friends."

So yesterday's WENN blitz is probably the Sun's way of saying who needs AP and CP?

Sun Media plans to eliminate AP and CP content by the summer and does it really matter where Daily Dish celebrity news originates?

Call us old fashioned, but we tend to place more faith in AP, CP, UPI, Reuters and Sun staffers than a celebrity blog. But that's just us.

The least the Sun can do is mix it up, with researched contributions from TV writer Bill Harris and the ENT/Showbiz folks.

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