Friday, 16 April 2010

Re Sandy Naiman

Sandy Naiman celebrated the second anniversary of her award-winning Coming Out Crazy blog at the Toronto Star last Friday - with a pink slip.

"Last Friday, on the second anniversary of my TO Star blog (which has won two major awards in two years), I was informed they decided to discontinue with it," the former Toronto Sun vet tells TSF.

On Wednesday, Sandy posted her final Star column, bidding readers a fond adieu and, letting no dust settle on Coming Out Crazy, she directed them to her new and independent blog of the same name.

"It was madness readying myself for this launch, whilst teaching two courses at two different campuses of Seneca College, but we did it," Sandy tells TSF. "It's up and running.

"We've been up for about 28 hours and already I've had some intriguing comments and for a new address, the traffic is good."

Years ago, Sandy might have been devastated by a pink slip, but not today.

"You know my philosophy," she told Star readers. "I'm not about to cry in my coffee over what I've lost, because I've lost nothing. I've gained. Big time. I choose to celebrate all I've learned. And move on. No hard feelings. I'm not going to dwell on the past, because I cannot change it."

Sandy told TSF she wanted former Sun colleagues to hear about her new blog.

"Would you mind alerting our gang? I like to keep my Sun connection live. After all, I spent 30 of my 61 years there. Once family, always family."

Meanwhile, she is thankful for two years with the Star blog.

"The Star gave me an extraordinary opportunity to learn a new way to communicate in the 21st century," she tells TSF. "I love the interactivity of blogging and the linking. You can learn so much and share all your knowledge with anyone who's interested in clicking on the links. I've made friends with some of the readers of Coming Out Crazy, too. Good friends.

"I'm learning so much about resiliency. It's great."

You said it, Sandy. All the best.


  1. I loved Sandy's columns. I was looking for the latest and found this instead. Well, I guess we don't need a print newspaper to follow a columnist anymore. Onwards to the blog!

  2. You can also find Sandy's Coming Out Crazy on Psych Central: