Sunday, 11 April 2010

Dog watch

Who let the dogs out?

Saturday's Toronto Sun front page has riled so many people you might think it was an unpredictable, feisty tabloid.

Radio chatter, blog chatter, news forum chatter, Twitter chatter, Facebook chatter, Flickr chatter.

Everybody's talkin' - just like the old days, when night editors would push the envelope Fleet Street style, get their wrists slapped by ME Ed Monteith the next day, then do it again and again.

That is, or should be, the essence of the Sun.

The dog chatter might have gone world-wide if Newseum had the front page, but it was noticeably absent.

Here are links to some of the feedback:

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Plus a lot of Twitters.

BTW: Why go ballistic when a woman, for whatever reason, is called a dog, but not when a man is called a wolf, a snake, a bear, an ass?


  1. You know a good old boy came up with the idea for this cover. It would have been nice if it had accompanied a story breaking the news on why Guergis is being investigated by the RCMP. Now that would be good journalism. People may be talking about this cover, but did it sell any more papers?

  2. Hey, it got people talking. The next best thing because they may BUY a paper next time to see what the fuss is all about.
    Now that's tabloid!!!
    Rock on!

  3. Yes, but talking about ethics in journalism (or in the Sun's case, lack thereof.)