Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Another bld FS

Quebecor's real estate sell-off continues, with the Goderich Signal-Star Publishing building now on the market.

Signal-Star publishes the weekly newspaper and Focus, a bi-weekly, which are now being printed in London.

A paragraph in an online story sounds familiar:

The company's publications and its mailing and distribution business continue to thrive but since the publications are no longer printed at the Goderich facility, the building exceeds the requirements of the business. The building is about 22,000 square feet including a 3,200 square-foot portion used solely to house newsprint.

The question is what happens when all of Quebecor's cash flow from the sale of buildings and presses is gone and there is nothing but the papers left to sell?

Will Sun Media newspapers, with bare bones staff working out of leased spaces, be next?

Actually, that is not a totally disagreeable scenario. Better sales than closures.

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  1. What happens is PKP then sells the business. And it becomes the devil you know vs. the devil you don't. Too many devils. Glad I'm gone.