Friday, 30 April 2010

Donato sale June 10

With the 40th anniversary of the Toronto Sun less than two years away, we can't think of a project more worthy than a book featuring the best of cartoonist Andy Donato.

Actually, he has been an editorial cartoonist since 1968, the year the Telegram first gave him space to work his magic.

But a 40 Years of Donato and His Bird book would fit the Sun mood just fine.

Donato's catalogue of Sun editorial cartoons is well over 10,000 and you might be surprised by the number of admirers who have originals hanging on their walls.

Classic originals with Joe Clark and his mittens. Pierre Trudeau and his rose. That flag pole seen around the world. The hapless taxpayer.

Donato fans will get another opportunity to take home published originals next month during a 10-day cartoon sale at the Masterpiece Gallery, 2158 Queen Street East.

Andy says one third of the proceeds from the sale - June 10 through June 20 - will go to two charities: Sheena's Place and the St. George's Society.

Meanwhile, there hasn't been a collected works of Andy Donato book since the 1980s.

Hopefully, there will be a 40 Years of Donato book published in time for the Nov. 1, 2011 40th anniversary of the Sun.

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