Friday, 2 April 2010


Today's assignment?

Count the number of tools of the trade in this vintage journalism short that are obsolete in 21st century newspaper production.

Also note the advice to young women thinking of becoming "news women."


  1. I love the part where it says, "the rewrite man is usually a more experienced writer, and is paid more for his work."
    What is this "rewrite man" of which he speaks?
    Jim Slotek
    Vice Chair
    Toronto Sun Unit
    Local 87-M

  2. Btw, I interned at TorStar and will always remember being talked down from the ledge by rewrite the first time I had to phone in a story for the afternoon edition (10:30 a.m. deadline) after being sent to an OPSEU picket at 9:30. Nick Van Rijn helped me sort my thoughts and gave me quick tips on filing on the fly from my notepad - something I'd do a lot over the next few years, including filing reviews from concerts.
    The demise of rewrite and proofreading (my first job at the Sun) are two of the dumbest cost-cutting moves the industry ever embraced.

  3. MIA at the Toronto Sun since 1994.