Friday, 16 April 2010

Ma Michele

Updated re Danielle Crittenden coverage

Today's recommended read is Michele Mandel's allotted five minutes with Sarah Palin during a speaking gig in Hamilton.

Michele had us from the start:

HAMILTON — You betcha, Sarah Palin is one hot hockey mom. Not so sure I want her in charge of protecting us from the Russians, though.

Meanwhile, what is with the Sun logo behind Palin in a Globe and Mail photo yesterday? Did the Sun help sponsor her jaunt north of the border?

Is that how the Sun got an exclusive interview?

Just asking.

And Danielle Crittenden provides the answer in a positing over at the Frum Forum. She attended with her dad, Peter Worthington, and came to the same conclusion as Michele.

"It was political theater - but not political leadership."

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  1. Not to be too picky, but you've performed a sex-change operation on MIchele Mandel with your headline. It should be Ma Michele.