Saturday, 10 April 2010

Globe/Star link

In the competitive Toronto newspaper market, it was surprising to click on a link in an online Globe and Mail news story last night and be taken to a Toronto Star story.

The link took us from a Campbell Clark story in the Globe to a Kevin Donovan story in the Star. Journalists and their newspapers have always appreciated full recognition for published works, but online links to competitors?

It was found in this paragraph:

The latest troubles for Ms. Guergis were sparked by controversy surrounding her husband, Rahim Jaffer. The former Tory MP faces new allegations that he promised he could open doors to government funding for questionable business associates.

More of the same in a Jane Taber story in the Globe, which also has a link to the Dovovan story.

We applaud the Globe's respectful gesture. Brings to mind the friendly rivalry of Macy's and Gimbels, Simpsons and Eaton's.

Perhaps the Star/Globe competitive edge isn't as sharp now that Torstar owns 20% of CTVglobemedia, the Globe's owner.

Whatever the motivation, we doubt it will spread to other online newspapers. Generally, newspapers are reluctant to give credit where credit is due.

It is called the rewrite-and-make-it-ours-syndrome.


  1. Actually, the Globe was pretty good about linking back to our story on Guergis' aides writing letters last week... and the National Post's Don Martin also gave us credit for breaking the story...

  2. The rewrite is QMI Agency's specialty these days?

    We weren't there, but let's pretend we were...or damn we missed covering that yesterday, let's write today's top story.

  3. QMI is regurgitation not reporting. It'll be interesting to see what happens when we're CP/AP free permanently.