Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ins and outs

Kennedy Gordon must be feeling like an accordion.

A TSF tipster says Gordon was a Peterborough Examiner page editor when laid off on Black Tuesday - Dec. 16, 2008, when 600 Sun Media employees were pink-slipped.

Gordon came back as a reporter a few months ago, but was cut again last week, says the tipster.

But thanks to another reporter who opted to leave for another job, Gordon is back on staff.


  1. Why would he want to be on staff?

  2. what exactly happened at the Examiner. We are still waiting to hear? How many editors survived, if any and what was the total body count in the latest fat trimming exercise?

  3. One sports editor gone, leaving a city editor, entertainment editor, news editor and editorial/lifestyles editor and a managing editor.

    One reporter position cut, leaving 6 news reporters and two sports reporters. A couple of reporters act as editors on weekends, holidays, and vacation periods.

    More cuts to likely come for editors as pagination goes full swing at the Centre of Excellence in Brockville.

  4. Don't forget photographer Clifford Skarstedt. He's an amazing talent and ambassador for the paper. Probably as well known as anyone in Peterborough. Lose him and they would lose an awful lot of readers.

  5. Better to feel like an accordion than a lead balloon, no?

  6. Sounds like too many staff according to cuts made and newsroom staff levels elsewhere. Enjoy the ride as the reductions continue.....