Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Peterborough 2

A Peterborough Examiner tipster writes:

"A townhall meeting has been called for today by our publisher, Gordon Brewerton.

"More cuts of some kind are expected to be announced. As of yesterday we no longer have a retail sales manager and last week the circulation manager was walked out the door.

"We will likely lose publishing days."

Another tipster commented on yesterday's Examiner cuts: Sports editor Greg Davis and reporter Kennedy Gordon.

"Greg had only been there a couple of years but already had a great reputation in the community. He brought an awful lot to that newsroom. Probably one of its strongest people.

"Same could be said about the reporter they let go. Kennedy Gordon was a great editor who was let go when all the cuts were made in December 2008. They hired him back as a reporter, and now he is gone again - victim of being low man on the totem pole, I guess.

"He had tons of experience and tons of talent. He was carrying the bulk of the big stories in The Examiner each day. Huge loss in each case."

Peterborough sounds ripe for the launch of an independent newspaper.


  1. There's already a free weekly paper, Peterborough This Week which comes out twice a week. http://www.mykawartha.com/

    Can't see a third paper working out as the weekly doesn't appear to be a cash cow.

  2. The link you listed is for an online newspaper. If that is the paper you are referring to, then certainly another print newspaper could find a market there.

  3. They produce an actual physical paper as well, comes out on Wednesdays and Fridays. TorStar owns it.

  4. Ah, okay then. That makes sense. There are very few markets remaining (especially larger ones) that aren't either entirely controlled by a single conglomerate with multiple products or two or more conglomerates with single products.

  5. So any word on this townhall meeting?

  6. Peterborough This Week is little more than a flyer-wrap. An independent paper with good content would be appreciated here.