Saturday, 31 January 2009

25 & counting

, one of 600 Sun Media employees pink slipped on Black Tuesday in December, writes about looking for a second career at 25 in today's Toronto Star.

The former Sault Ste. Marie Star reporter says Sun Media's cuts have left it "without the very junior reporters best suited to the task of helping print jump on the digital bandwagon."

But Sun Media is history for her - and possibly journalism. She writes in the Star:

"I'm 25 and it has been barely two years since I earned my journalism degree. It will be several more before I can pay off my OSAP loan. But I am already looking at new careers."

The new car has been returned to the dealer, her designer purse is on eBay and she has moved back to her mother's home. Dreams of a career in journalism delayed at 25.

When today's vets were 25, they were like kids in a candy store, with hundreds of weeklies and dailies across the country in need of young and energetic journalists.

Corina's insightful piece in the Star tells a different story.

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