Monday, 23 March 2009

Barrie editor ad

The Barrie Examiner has a Help Wanted ad today for an editor who will oversee a staff of layout editors and report to Sun Media's national content editor, says a TSF reader.

The ad, says the tipster, sounds like a position required to provide content to Sun Media newspapers other than the Examiner, as mentioned in a March 13 TSF posting.

"Toronto Sun Family has mentioned that the layout of all the Sun papers might be done in Barrie," says the tipster. "The Examiner has an ad today that is advertising for an editor for just such a project."

The ad reads, in part: "The winning candidate will report to the Sun Media national content editor, and will oversee a staff of layout editors. They will be responsible for design, story editing and headlines. Photoshop skills would be an asset for colour correcting picture content. Experience at a daily newspaper would be an asset."

Says the tipster: "It's not exactly outsourcing to India, but the position is in Barrie."

Other TSF readers have said Wednesday, April 1, is going to be another bad news day at Sun Media. Could it be Black Wednesday for editors in the chain? Stay tuned.


  1. Isn't Barrie already doing pages for Sun papers? Or is London doing them right now? Who does what for that chain now?

  2. If you read the whole ad you will see that they are seeking this person for the "community newspapers." Not to downplay this, but it sounds like the main Sun papers will not be affected.

  3. This must mean they intend to produce more centralized pages from Barrie.
    No way PKP would hire more people to lay out all the papers when he's firing people left and right.
    There's also no way those editors in Barrie could do all the pages for all Quebecor papers - nothing would ever make deadline. No papers would ever get printed.