Monday, 23 March 2009

Tech stuff

This press release sheds light on the tech side of Sun Media's "centres of excellence" operations.

It's above our heads but the intro reads: NX helps Software Consulting Services deliver media and publishing applications worldwide.

"Newspaper customers of SCS across the world use NX to remotely and reliably access software they need to aid them with the design and layout of their papers," the release says.

"Sun Media Group of Ontario, Canada and The Derrick of Oil City, PA are only a couple of the many SCS customers using NoMachine NX."

Can we read outsourcing to India into that description?

Is there a techie out there who can explain how this works?

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  1. FYI......Just the other day we had some technical issues (and still have) with our digital edition. Ghost email addresses and telephone numbers appearing on some pages. After some queries we received an email from (no kidding) ND XML Moscow Quality Control. A representative from Newspaperdirect named Galya said that thay are looking into the problem.
    So, we are getting close to India.