Sunday, 8 March 2009

Register too

Len Fortune, the veteran Toronto Sun graphics chief who took a buyout in March 2007, says in an e-mail to TSF words posted online do, indeed, linger forever.

Len writes:

"I’ll add an addendum to the announcement of ex-Toronto Sun staffer Jim O’Leary’s appointment to publisher/editor of the Catholic Register: A well-deserved appointment. Jim certainly has the credentials.

"The addendum is the intrigue of a simple hiring:

"Many may find it hard to believe, but I was in the final cut of three for the same opportunity.

"The day before I was to meet the Archbishop, the hiring committee found an off-the-cuff online letter that I had sent in 2008 to Camille Paglia, a renowned American 'dissident' feminist.

"The letter was both pro-woman and pro-life, but I confessed in the correspondence that although I believed life began at conception, I had no right to judge any woman who opted to abort as long as she was aware of her options and was of sound mind.

"My reluctance to judge women deemed me 'unworthy' to be presented to Archbishop Collins, which is ironic because I was presented to the late Pope John Paul II in 2002. Catholicism: It’s really not for the faint of heart.

"And as I recently wrote to my cousin Jerry who was concerned for me:

“Catholicism, you gotta love it . . . I know some great priests (Father Thomas Rosica, Father Patrick O'Dea, etc.), but the latest has moved me closer to Native Spirituality (my mother is First Nation), where there’s less judgment and more attachment to Mother Earth.

"But since they (The Church) tracked me down and exposed me as the charlatan that I am, I can openly proclaim my appreciation for the Irish sitcom, Father Ted and Rodney 'Show Them to Me' Carrington without fear of any retribution from the Holy See.”

"Moral of this little ditty: Be ever so careful of what you lay down online, it’s has the capacity to stay there forever.

"Love to all my Sun Media brothers and sisters (employed, bought out, whatever.)


Thanks for the insight, Len.

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