Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Think not media

Quebecor's latest Think media newsletter posted online today got an instant reaction from one TSF reader:

"Quebecor sent out its Think media newsletter today, with the lovely news that the company posted $3.73 billion in revenues in 2008, up 10.8 per cent, and an operating profit of $1.12 billion, up 18 per cent.

"All that cash, and we are cutting newspaper jobs, slashing budgets so newsrooms can no longer get out-of-market papers or cable television, reviewing every invoice line by line to find every nickel that can be squeezed out of our operations, losing local content for national pages and the company will not spring for hotel rooms so Sun Media staff who have been recognized with a nomination at the Ontario Newspaper Awards can be recognized for their accomplishments.

"It is absolutely astounding."

A new reality in this new media age is of all the conglomerate's toys, the big boys have placed print media on the sidelines. Some newsrooms have become nothing more than sweatshops.

As Rodney used to say, no respect.


  1. It is so very gratifying to know that I lost a decade-long job to ensure that Quebecor could hopefully increase their profits even higher. I will raise a glass of champagne and cheer when that operating profit can rise up over 20 per cent knowing that my sacrifice paid for that.

  2. I have to say ditto to the above comment. Edmonton

  3. He's going around the Toronto building counting water bottles. Really. Be afraid.