Saturday, 7 March 2009

Gas and lies

Retired Tely/Sun vet John Downing hasn't lost his headline writing skills. The heading for his latest Downing's Views blog posting: Pumping Gas and Lies.

John's recent trek to sunny Florida by car provided sufficient fodder for his posting on comparative gas prices and how Canadians continue to get hosed at the pumps.

Most Ontarians seem to be so overjoyed with not paying $1.40 a litre that they don't care about still being hosed when charged above 80 cents per litre.

Hosed is hosed and we need people like John and Linda Leatherdale to remind those who are being hosed that it just ain't right and something should be done about it.

In the Port Hope/Cobourg area this week, gas prices range from 73 to 84 cents per litre. Guess which station on Division Street in Cobourg has non-stop lineups at 73 cents?

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