Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Brantford -3

Three union editors at Sun Media's Brantford Expositor were notified today they will be laid off as of May 1, says a TSF source.

The editors were told their work would be moved to the non-union Woodstock Sentinel Review, which will be "set up as a regional pagination centre," the tipster said.

"Maybe desk work from Simcoe (also union) and London Free Press (union) will move there, too, if not now, eventually."

John Chambers, the Expositor's new managing editor, will be in charge of hiring for the Woodstock centre.

"It's not clear if those laid off can apply, what the rate of pay would be, or if they would get to keep their severance if they take jobs there (but that's unlikely, I'm told)."

The Expositor lost eight employees on Black Tuesday in December.

Another tipster told TSF Northumberland Today (formerly Cobourg Daily Star, Port Hope Evening Guide and Colborne Chronicle) laid off a long-time editor and two ad reps Thursday morning.

Bodies here, bodies there.

What we need is a TSF tipster who can provide us with a full description of Sun Media's master plan.

When the dust settles, what will the Sun Media landscape look like to employees and readers?


  1. How will the landscape look? I don't know, I've never been to India so my only impression comes from "Slumdog Millionaire"... a good name for PKP.

  2. Don't mourn for me. Organize.

  3. The landscape will eventually look like this:
    1) Regional managing editor
    2) Regional city editor
    3) 1-6 reporters per city, depending on city size
    4) Ad staff
    5) Grammar monkeys centralized
    6) All pagination in India ... eventually
    7) Four page cover for an otherwise national Sun newspaper. Three for local news, one for local sports.

    8) All the newspapers going out of business when no one cares anymore.