Friday, 13 March 2009

More CP buzz

News that the Canadian Press will be phased out by Sun Media in the next year has TSF readers wondering how it can be accomplished.

One reader says the Canadian Press is already bad news as Quebecor pushes publishers to focus on copy from Sun Media sources.

And another says the folks at Canoe are perplexed by the prospect of working without CP.

Says one insider:

"Sun Media is giving some papers grief over use of CP copy over Sun Media copy. Trouble is, Sun Media doesn't cover all events, they file horribly late for some of the former Osprey papers to use the copy, or they say the are going to cover Leafs/Raptors, as an example, and then don't.

"So papers are forced to use CP over Sun Media copy.

"It's only going to get worse as CP is phased out. The directive to use Sun copy is coming from PKP himself, and others below him, too, which means he is watching all papers to see what they do.

"Rumour also has PKP coming to Markham, former Osprey HQ, each month to look over all expense cheques before approving them. We're talking cheques as low as $50. No wonder freelancers hate dealing with us and get paid so damn late."

Meanwhile, re Canoe:

"The folks at Canoe have no clue how they will operate a truly national website without CP, let alone living without the video and audio CP has started delivering as well," says a TSF reader.

"Remember, they have zero reporters, really."

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