Sunday, 22 March 2009

Layoff names

Received this e-mail yesterday and before you read it, consider that of the dozens and dozens of Sun Media employees named here as layoff casualties, only two have requested their names be removed.

The e-mail reads:

"Hi. Thanks for keeping a running log of all the changes (sadly all of them bad). The people still doing the work appreciate it. But we aren't sure that it's fair to list names of people losing jobs, at least without their permission.

"Sure it's nice for those reading to get updates, but it's bad enough for the victims that they're unemployed, a pretty traumatic, personal thing. Plus despite it not being their fault, we've noticed some people who have felt pretty ashamed at losing their jobs.

"Better that they should be allowed to tell people close to them the story in person than have it broadcasted to a bunch of people they don't know. Just a thought from some regular readers. Hope you'll consider it. Thanks again."

Thank you for your e-mail. We certainly don't want to add to the trauma of Sun Media's hatchets, but we have to say layoff casualties who are named generally receive much needed moral support and appreciate the immediate best wishes.

Quebecor would prefer to see all layoff casualties remain anonymous, as in Black Tuesday's 600, with no names and faces, no mention of length of dedicated, loyal service, or popularity with readers. No humanity in the process of reducing staff to increase profits, please.

Twenty to 30 years service? Buh bye. Be gone.

There is no shame in being laid off, but to be shown the door without any thanks for a job well done is a shame. We have said "shame on Quebecor" and the newsroom henchmen too many times over the years for not recognizing laid off vets in print. No respect.

That is not the entrenched code of ethics that existed at the flagship Toronto Sun and sister Suns in the pre-Quebecor years.

Toronto Sun Family
readers who remember when Sun Media had heart have said thanks for devoting space for collective sendoffs and putting names and faces to the numbers.

But back to the e-mail. Layoff casualties who are named in TSF only need to ask for anonymity and we will delete their names.


  1. My opinion: The more word gets out about you being targeted for layoff, the better the chance someone with a lead on another job can throw it your way. Back when layoffs in the media were somewhat novel, I remember the late Jerry Gladman's name being mentioned in the Star when he was laid off. He remarked to me how many supportive calls and leads came his way because people read about it. One of them became a job - albeit temporary - as editor of Tribute magazine.
    If I get laid off, I'll want to cast the largest net possible.

  2. To Quebecor, those of us who have been laid off are just a number.

    To this blog, we are actual human beings who have had our lives torn asunder.

    People need to know about the lives that PKP has affected with his petty, sharp scissors.

    Thank you for putting a human face on his slash-and-burn tactics.