Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Monday, Monday

Updated 04/03/09
Monday editions of Sun Media newspapers appear to be expendable this year.

A Sault Star story says the Kenora Daily Miner & News, one of the former Bowes newspapers launched in 1881 and a daily since 1952, dropped its Monday edition this week.

And a Winnipeg Free Press story today says: The Portage Daily Graphic newspaper, which has served Portage la Prairie for 125 years, is ending its Monday paper - and residents expect more publication days will be dropped later.

The Graphic, a former Bowes newspaper, will publish its final Monday edition on March 31. Other changes in its printing operations could cost half of the paper's 40 employees their jobs.

In January, the Monday edition of the Chatham Daily News was dropped and others were to follow.

The Winnipeg Free press story says Ian MacKenzie, the last independent owner of the Graphic, lamented the moves.

"Very disappointing. I don't know that it's necessary," said MacKenzie. "It's now owned by a big corporation and the only thing that matters is exceptional profits."

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  1. Quebecor did the same thing to the Kenora Daily Miner. No more Mondays. And if Ian MacKenzie is so heartbroken, why did he sell to to a big corporation in the first place? I doubt he is losing much sleep over this and is enjoying the cash he gained through the sale.