Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Farewell MBG

Mike Burke-Gaffney leaves the building today after 29 years and the Toronto Sun just won't be the same without him.

Current and former colleagues have taken time to wish Mike the best in retirement and here's hoping editors will give him a 76 trombone farewell salute in print and online. The outgoing managing editor deserves nothing less.

Mike has been the affable go-to guy in the newsroom since 1980. As Sunday Sun editor, he took the Sunday paper to heights never seen before or since - a record 550,000-plus in October of 1992.

We wouldn't be surprised if Mike, after some well-deserved golfing and extended family time, surfaces at another publication. At 59, he has much more to contribute.

But for now, a huge thanks to Mike from this blogster for all of those voluntary Saturday night shifts, working on the Sunday papers on the cop desk and later on the rewrite desk.

With Mike at the helm, it was the perfect newsroom environment and the successful Sunday product reflected his management skills.

When you talk Toronto Sun Family, Mike was our Father Knows Best.

Sources say Mike's retirement bash is being arranged for some time in April. Stay tuned.

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