Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bush league map

A TSF reader wonders if Toronto Sun graphics have been outsourced after looking at today's front page street map.

"Check out the front page of today's Toronto Sun (March 18)," the reader writes.

"Eglinton Ave. is misspelled (twice); A street named Bat (is that the new nickname for Bathurst?); Ave. St. (should be Avenue Rd.) and Keele Ave. (should be Keele St.)

"Have they outsourced the front page?"

It sure looks like it.

Where were the meticulous T.O. editors, or was the map produced at one of those Sun Media "centres of excellence" located well beyond GTA borders?

(A TSF tipster says the map was created in London, Ontario, and PDFed. Or should that be Lundon, Ontario?)

As for the Toronto Sun, big city daily, bush league attentiveness to detail.


  1. Must have taken some self control to keep from calling it "Mean Eats."

    Looks like a not-very-good campus newspaper.

  2. Wow, what a hot story! More street food. Stop the presses! (:

  3. It was done in London and PDF'd.

  4. I'm surprised they map didn't Young and Blur.

  5. To set the record straight, the editable InDesign file was sent to the editors in Toronto at their request, so they could edit and make changes-they knew the page was not edited in London-a pdf was not sent. Bathurst was correct on the original page that was sent out and it got changed in the Toronto newsroom. Everything that goes out of London gets edited either in London, or at the requesting newsroom. Apparently this map was not edited as was said it would be.

  6. Almost as bad as the spelling errors
    is the lack of news judgment. This minor news story is given almost as much front page real estate as 9/11!
    And since when has "Ya" been acceptable, even allowing for slang? Should have at least been "Yeah."
    -- former Sunster.