Thursday, 26 March 2009

Sun & NPAC

When the News Photographers Association of Canada announced their 2008 photo award nominations this week, we noted the absence of Dave Abel and his dramatic bank bandit takedown photo that has earned him an NNA nomination.

The NPAC awards are open to members only and, as it turns out, Dave is not a member.

A TSF reader sent the following comment and it speaks volumes for the sad state of affairs at Sun Media newspapers.

It reads:

"(Dave) Abel is not a member. But just to point out that the Toronto Sun used to pay membership fees for all its photographers, and also used to co-sponsor another photo competition. All that was cut a few years ago.

"By comparison, all photographers at the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, National Post, Reuters, and CP are members, as are their photo editors; many Canwest photographers and at least one photo editor are members; many photographers from small daily papers are members; most post-secondary school photojournalism students in Canada are members; many freelancers are members; many Metroland photographers and photo editor(s) are members.

"Sun Media would be totally invisible if it weren't for less than a handful of Sun photo folks who pay their own way. What does that say for staff morale and Quebecor's support of their work?"

It doesn't say much.

TSF has been told Quebecor is cutting ties with all journalism awards, refusing to cover the cost of memberships and the cost of attending awards galas.

You can join on your own and while Sun Media will be delighted to write about any noms, you are on your own for any expenses incurred in claiming the awards.

We are awaiting word from the NNA nominees whether Sun Media will be footing the bill to attend the awards banquet in Montreal on May 22.

A couple of anonymous tipsters have said nominees will have to pay their own way.

That is wrong for so many reasons.


  1. would luv to know how many journos got a personal congrats from the man, PKP, himself.

  2. PKP only reads newspapers to find out what he can cut next, not whether his reporters were nominated for awards. He could care less about that.