Thursday, 19 March 2009

George & Sherri

Easter weekend 2008 was traumatic for Toronto Sun employees and readers with the deaths of George Gross, 85, on March 21, and Sherri Wood, 28, on March 24.

In the next few days, they will be marking the first anniversaries of life without the tabloid's founding sports editor and the effervescent, young entertainment writer.

Their deaths, George from a heart attack in his home, and Sherri from brain cancer, left a void in the newsroom at 333 and in the hearts of faithful readers.

Gone, but not forgotten.

York University's Rexall Centre Sports & Entertainment Complex honoured George with a George Gross Media Center in a renaming ceremony last summer.

The Baron, a sports icon, was also honoured with the naming of a new Canadian soccer trophy - the George Gross Memorial Trophy.

We're still waiting for the George Gross Memorial Arena.

Family and friends did Sherri proud by organizing Sherri Woodstock, a successful fundraising music fest last October.

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