Friday, 13 March 2009

Googling QMI

A Sun Media employee tells TSF e-mails from Quebecor do refer to Quebecor Media Agency as QMI, not QMA, which is more logical.

So we did some Googling for QMI.

QMI 1: "At QMI – SAI Global, we're not only North America's leading management systems registrar, we're also a leader in helping you use the registration process to make real and lasting improvements in your business."


QMI 2: "QMI Security Solutions manufactures rolling shutters and distributes parts throughout North America. We provide the largest selection of curtain profiles and colors in the market. We also distribute shutter parts to other manufacturers from coast to coast."


QMI 3: "QMI, the leading specialist in industrial/consumer PTFE treatments, also related lubrication oil additives, greases, fuel additives, fuel system cleaning products, polishes, detergents, skin protectants, sanitizer/disinfectant and other industrial products and consumer automotive products."


QMI 4: "QMI Scotland Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 approved organization with an established reputation for delivering high calibre, cost effective management consultancy, training and audit services throughout the UK and internationally."


QMI 5: "Welcome to QMI (Quality Management, Inc.) Aseptic Sampling and Fluid Transfer Systems."


QMI 6: "Quality Material Inspection, Inc. (QMI) has specialized in ultrasonic and eddy current evaluation of materials including research, development, prototyping and custom fabrication of nondestructive test instrumentation since 1981."


There were numerous other QMI company references around the world, but none for PKP's new QMI.

What is the "I" in PKP's QMI? It appears rather than adopt a distinct brand for Quebecor Media Agency (QMA), he has decided to go with QMI for Quebecor Media Inc.

QMI is the Quebecor Media Agency? Much too confusing for the communications business.

CP, UPI, AFP, BBC, AP, FP. We all know the full names that correspond with those abbreviations.

PKP et al have a year to get it right - a distinct QMA logo and an independent QMA website, with all of the bells and whistles required of a national news agency of merit.

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