Thursday, 5 April 2007

Calgary Sun -1

Dave Veitch, sports editor at the Calgary Sun since 2003, resigned today. He is the latest of several high profile editors at the tabloid to call it quits in recent weeks.

Sources say Dave, also known for his music features for Sun Media, "has had enough of Quebecor" and is leaving to join Chris Nelson at Calgary Health Region.

Chris, now president of CHR, resigned as editor-in-chief in February after 25 years with Sun Media.

"That's the sports editor (Dave Veitch), lifestyle editor (Kevin Franchuk, now with CN Rail in Edmonton)) and entertainment editor (Anika Van Wyk, now with Mount Royal College in Calgary) all gone in a few weeks," said one source.

"Plus publisher (Guy Huntingford), editor-in-chief (Chris Nelson) and ad director (Carson Ayckroyd.)"

The Sun Media brain drain in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta has become an epidemic. Veteran newspaper people fleeing to mostly non-media jobs. What a waste.

Another troop movement in the works: Winnipeg Sun publisher Ed Huculak is leaving April 20 to become the Calgary Sun's general manager/director of sales.

Ed will be answering to Gord Norrie, the new group publisher for the Calgary and Edmonton Suns.


  1. No one, but no one, gave the Calgary Sun their heart, soul and blood more than Dave Veitch.

    Simply, he wrote the best headlines and designed the best pages.

    Irreplaceable. Even if he did chew on his pen too much.

  2. From what I just overheard...

    The Toronto Sun plans on relocating all employees to their new floors. ie advertising, classified, circulation etc..

    They want to gut the main floor, including the Cafeteria, and rent out the main floor space to retail businesses.

    gotta make money some how i guess.