Saturday, 7 April 2007

Strobel's vet story

Mike Strobel, still one of the best three reasons to read the Toronto Sun, shone again with his column Friday on WW1 vet Dwight Wilson, 106.

While the House of Commons was quick to pass a motion in November calling for a state funeral for Dwight, the last WW1 veteran in Canada, when it is his time, Mike did what makes more sense - pay tribute to him while he is alive.

Technically, Dwight and John Babock, 106, are the last surviving Canadian-born WW1 veterans, but John, a naturalized U.S. citizen since 1924, has said the state funeral should be for the last WW1 veteran in Canada.

That would be Dwight and he should be celebrated in the media now, when it counts.

Has anyone recorded Dwight singing his favourite tunes? A CD of the 106-year-old WW1 vet singing from the heart would be a collector's item and possibly a Legion fundraising memento.

We are also wondering if any of our Canadian TV networks are working on a documentary about Dwight and his remarkable life.

It would make an ideal public gift for Dwight on his 107th birthday.

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