Wednesday, 18 April 2007

re Mike Jenkinson

Sun vets being shown the door aren't getting the ink they deserve to say farewell, so some are turning to the Internet.

Mike Jenkinson, one of the six Edmonton Sun staffers who sign off this week, has posted the following comments on his The Newsroom web site, dated April 16.

"I'm back, and with some actual developments.

"My position was eliminated at the Edmonton Sun today. I knew this was coming (it could be seen from a mile away with all the centralization of copy done by Quebecor), so I was neither surprised nor shocked.

"As for what the future holds, stay tuned.

"In the meantime, I just want to take the opportunity to say that I had a great time at Sun Media over the last 10 years. I worked with lots of fantastic people, made some lifelong friendships and got to live my dream as an editorial writer, editor and columnist.

"Folks like Mindy Jacobs, Kerry Diotte, Doug Beazley, Licia Corbella, Roy Clancy, Linda Williamson and many many others (if you don't see your name, don't feel bad, I can't name everyone I've worked with over 10 years), made my job so much more fun and easy to do. I wish my former Sun family the best in the future.

"And thanks to all the readers who wrote to agree or disagree with the thousands of editorials and columns I wrote over the years. Sun readers are great, and I'll certainly miss interacting with them."

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