Thursday, 12 April 2007

Red's update

Word is Red's at the Toronto Sun will live on as a cafeteria or fast food outlet after the ground floor extreme makeover is completed.

"Management's word is that Red's won't close," says one source. "Whether the contract stays with the current company using it, that seems unclear."

Two TSF sources have made it clear the current contract will not be renewed, so perhaps the eatery is destined to become more of a fast food restaurant than a comfy cafeteria and lounge.

Cafeteria, or fast food eatery, continuing to call it Red's would be a welcomed gesture - a link to fond memories of Doug (Big Red) Creighton's presence at the tabloid.

The major reno to create leased commercial space will see all employees in ground floor offices, circulation etc., moved into offices on the five upper floors.

Still vague is what Quebecor plans to do with the presses and pressroom once its new printing plan in Rexdale opens later this year.

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