Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Re blogs

An anonymous response to TSF's blogs posting:

"My 2 cents is that most of the Sun Media blogs aren't worth the bandwidth. The writers don't write often enough, and when they do, often it isn't interesting because they don't get it about what makes an interesting blog. It's just, "Oh, we'll have these online journals and CALL them blogs.

"To a true blogger, it's bloody scandalous that Quebecor/Sun Media has shown such obvious contempt for (bloggers) with these non-blogs that have no point for existing. They should be using the blog form to cover areas - like amateur sports, for instance - that don't get much coverage in the regular paper.

"And they haven't introduced people to new voices - it's just the same columnists who have a forum in the paper already, in the name of synergy.

"Meantime, the Star gets it with blogs. So does the Globe. Meantime, lazy, uninspired Sun Media and their buzzword-spouters devalue the blogging form every day - assuming their brilliant columnists even bother to write that day."

Thank you for your e-mail.

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