Sunday, 29 April 2007

Sun photo +2

Longtime Toronto Sun freelance photographer Dave Thomas, the hardest working photog in town, has been hired full time effective May 13.

And former Sun photographer Dave Abel is back on the job with a four-month summer stint, with hopes of an extended and more permanent stay at the tabloid.

The buzz about the photo desk's positive news began on the Eastern Canadian News Photographers Association message board on Friday.

"A little bird tells me that longtime (15 yr!) freelancer Dave Thomas was hired full time by the Toronto Sun yesterday," Jim Garnett, a former Sun freelance photographer, says in an ECNPA posting. "If so, many congratulations Dave. And I hope this is the changing tide for the little paper. . ."

Dave Abel, another former Sun photographer, writes:
". . . yes, the Sun was feeling a little bit "Dave" deficient after Dave Lucas (left recently for a job at the Globe and Mail.) Dave Thomas has been made a full timer, and I've been brought back as well. I started yesterday."

After months of negative news involving layoffs, firings, buyouts and resignations, any addition to the Toronto Sun's editorial department is most refreshing.

Dave Thomas has been a dedicated, productive and award-winning freelance ambulance chaser for 15 years, capturing spot news exclusives around the clock. He has also nabbed a few crooks in citizen arrests along the way.

Congrats on becoming a made man Dave.

Sources say the key to being a Sun Media photog in demand in 2007 is the ability to do it all - digital stills and videography, which provides product for the print and online Suns and for

One source says the Sun photo desk has
"embraced the new technologies" and while it means more work for the photographers, it also adds more job security.

"It seems multi-platform content providers have a future at the Sun - but we are still very short staffed city-side with summer vacations coming up."

With Dave Thomas coming aboard as a full-timer, the Toronto Sun photo full time desk staff climbs to nine -
Alex Urosevic, Michael Peake, Stan Behal, Veronica Henri, Mark O'Neill, Ernest Doroszuk, Craig Robertson, Greg Henkenhaf and Thomas.

"They (Sun Media/Quebecor) seem to have noticed that we can do a decent job with their beloved videos , so it is a big boost in morale," said another source. "When combined with the Sun's new home delivery, it makes it seem like there is a future here."

Is the bare bones newsroom next in line for a turnaround in staff numbers?

Stay tuned.

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